Growing with White Light

Growing with

White Light


See the Difference


In order to care for your plants, you need to clearly tend to them throughout the day.


Our Sunlight™  spectrum provides potent growth output, energy-efficiency, high color rendering and a full light spectrum to feed plants. Recent advancements in LEDs have allowed us to provide this new grow-light technology.


Put the Past Behind You


Previously, you had inefficient, heat-producing HPS or fluorescent fixtures with light output spikes in certain spectrum areas. While they produced decent results, they were expensive to run with a not-so-ideal output.


Grow LEDs are more environmentally conscious, but the red and blue spectrum outputs are focused only on the absorption of chlorophyll A & B. Also, human eyes are strained by working in the purple-tinted rooms and often special eyewear is required. When you can’t see your crops well, determining their daily needs and overall health becomes a burden. This affects proper plant care as well as employee health. These facilities would also need to provide additional white lighting for safety and maintenance, meaning multiple lighting systems.


Game Changer


Our Sunlight™ spectrum targets chlorophyll A & B while also feeding other photosynthetic pigments found within plants that can improve taste and quality. With its 5000K white light output, energy efficiency and evenly dispersed, full-spectrum, this technology is a game changer for the horticulture business.


By producing an extremely high color rendering rating (95+CRI), this spectrum gives you top-of-the-market color accuracy. You’ll know if your purple-y buds are purple, and exactly when your tomatoes are ready for packaging.