Lighting Built Tough

Tuff Stuff


The Strongest Part of Your Operation



We want to improve the way your facility runs by giving you no hassle lighting solutions, with simplified spectrum outputs.


Our product line is uniquely constructed for growing, farming, livestock and food processing facilities. Choose between our wide variety of spectrums and find the ideal lighting combination to fit the different areas of your facility.


Our products are hand-built in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturing plant, where we’ve optimized every facet of our fixtures to be the toughest part of your operation. Our goal is to be easy to order, simple to install, and built to last.

Built to Take a Beating 


The housings are made from fiberglass reinforced polyester, high-impact acrylic and reinforced polycarbonate – the same stuff that gives bulletproof glass its strength.


Our Vapor Tight series is IP66 watertight rated, meaning you can wash them, or run them under sprinklers, without fear of water damage. Dirt, oil, steam and cleaning agents are not a problem. With a temperature rating of -40°F to 104°F, these can withstand extreme temperature changes or refrigeration areas.


All of our LEDs are made from solid materials that resist damage from shock or vibration, which can sometimes be a problem in rugged agricultural environments.




Safety and Quality are Top Priority


Our LED fixture all have low operating temperatures, quick starting time, good color rendering and a lack of mercury making facility safety a no-brainer.


We meet the required UL and CSA safety standards and have a National Sanitation Foundation rating, needed for food preparation requirements. With standard 6kV surge protection and soft-start technology, you don’t have to worry about blowing circuit breakers in environments that have large machinery or low-quality power.


Built withstand the most rigorous working environments, these low-profile fixtures pack a punch with up to 50,000+ hours of light and our promise of a 5-year warranty.


The longer operational lifespans of LEDs are real plus in barns and storage areas, where servicing lights can be a challenge. Hang it up and forget about it, our fixtures require no maintenance.