Disinfecting Light

Disinfecting Light Technology

powered by Vital Vio


The Truth is in the Numbers

Arden Lighting Tech has partnered with biotech researchers at Vital Vio to integrate their patented technology into our products.


Vital Vio’s lighting technology has been proven effective in killing gram negative and gram positive bacteria, bacterial endospores, yeast, and fungi.


This patented technology has been proven effective in both their own research and active installations in leading institutions. Some of their partners include:



Keeping facilities, plants and animals safe from harmful pathogens

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA’s) Economic Research Service estimates that the US spends more than $15 Billion annually on foodborne illnesses.



Salmonella – 1,000,000 illnesses

19,000 hospitalizations per year in the US

Difficile – 453,000 cases

29,300 associated deaths per year in the US

E. coli – 73,000 cases

$30M spent on medical care per year in the US

MRSA – 80,000 cases

11,285 associated deaths per year in the US

Difference between Ultraviolet light and 405-nm region

These LEDs emit the same wavelengths of light that the sun exposes us to daily. These wavelengths are in the visible light spectrum – unlike UV lights, which are harmful to humans.




405-nm Region

Can be used continuously 24 hours a day during working and non-working hours
Can be used as general overhead lighting meaning no additional equipment
Non-hazardous to humans, animals or other multicellular organisms

Ultraviolet Light

Expensive equipment and special handling is required
Must be used during non-work hours
Damaging to humans and animals
Unprotected exposure for even a few minutes can cause injury


How quickly does this technology work?

As soon as bacteria are exposed to the light, the deadly reaction within the cells begins

Continuous Cleaning

VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® begins working instantly. Different types and strains of bacteria, mold and fungi are all killed at different rates.


Instead of thinking about your disinfection procedures in terms of, “How fast,” consider asking, “How long does it work?”  Here’s why: clean and disinfect a surface.  Now, touch your hand to it. Bacteria are deposited. Touch it again, more bacteria. Wait some time and airborne bacteria land on it, too. Once on the surface, these bacteria are free to multiply and spread, over and over, until the next time you come back to clean.  That’s the nature of “intermittent cleaning procedures.”


Now imagine that surface is illuminated with VioSafe® Disinfection technology.  You’re still cleaning intermittently. But between cleanings, the bacteria load on the surface is a fraction of what it would otherwise be because the VioSafe® technology is continuously killing the bacteria that is redeposited.  Continuous disinfection isn’t the same as intermittent disinfection; it’s an important, long-lasting addition to best-practices in infection control.

The Inevitable Spread of Bacteria


Germs can survive on surfaces for days, weeks or even months, growing exponentially. Under the right conditions, E. coli can duplicate every 20 minutes. And salmonella alone causes one million illnesses every year.


Keep Customers, Livestock and Pocketbooks Safe


These contaminants are common because getting rid of them isn’t easy. Cleaning alone can’t kill 100% of bacterial populations, which in turn can cause costly recalls, payouts and PR issues for the food processing, preparation and service industry.


You fight germs using burst UV treatments, wipe downs, high pressure-high heat washdowns, and chemical vapor bombs with hydrogen peroxide. However, these techniques only keep germs at bay while they’re in use. Microbial populations come right back.


Disinfecting light is your continuous additional layer of protection to minimize these peaks and reduce bacterial load between cleaning cycles. In addition, your facility can operate as normal and doesn’t need to be shut down.

Disinfecting White™

Protect your operation with this 4100K white light that continuously disinfects your facility. Replace existing overhead lighting with our Disinfecting White™ spectrum and not only will you have enough light for your operation to run safely, but that light will continuously disinfect all surfaces and air it touches.


Accelerated Disinfecting

Kill bacteria with over twice the disinfection intensity per watt of our Disinfecting White™ spectrum. This fixture is perfect for downtime, overnight disinfection, or in areas of your facility where high CRI white isn’t necessary. Use this fixture in conjunction with any lighting you already have in place for an added layer of protection.