Farming & Livestock Lighting

Built for your barn

Livestock and agriculture environments need simple, quality products. Our LED fixtures were designed to do just that.


We have tough, easy to hang fixtures that are built to withstand harsh environments. Within our fixtures, we offer a variety of spectrums designed for different facility areas and livestock needs.


Simplicity, cost savings and animal health are our top priorities.


We use high-tech, reinforced polymer housings to prevent corrosion and high-impact lenses. With a watertight rating of IP66 and a National Sanitation Foundation rating, you’ll meet the necessary agricultural and food storage requirements.


Our LED fixtures keep facility costs down while meeting the illumination standards for a safe, clean workplace.

Lighting Designed for Livestock well-being



Livestock animals beef, dairy cow, layer hen, poultry, swine, aquaculture

Beef  |  Dairy  |  Layer hens  |  Poultry  |  Swine  |  Aquaculture

 Keep your livestock & facility safe

with disinfecting light

Simplified Solutions

Health & Well-being Are Paramount

Use these lights on your farm over poultry, swine, cattle and aquaculture. You can also use them in more specialized areas of your facility including birthing rooms, veterinary areas, clean rooms, milking parlors, feed storage, offices, shipping and receiving.


Maintaining animal well-being is vital to a successful operation. With the ability to eliminate light glare and provide a sun-like spectrum, indoor animals will be given a more natural environment comparable to the outdoors.


Preventing illness and the spread of bacteria, fungi and infection are the top priority to animal wellness. Our disinfecting light technology helps provide a safe, clean environment for animals to thrive.

Energy Efficient LEDs, built tough


Save Time & Money

We understand the importance of cutting facility costs. Our LED, high-efficiency fixtures are designed to lower energy bills while increasing light output. Additional labor and maintenance savings come thanks to the longer operational lifespans of LEDs. This is a real plus in barns and storage areas, where servicing lights can be a challenge.


Trust & Reliability

Durable and dependable products are key to a successful operation. LEDs are made from solid materials that resist damage from shock or vibration, which can sometimes be a problem in rugged agricultural environments.


Increase Safety

LEDs also bring other tremendous advantages over traditional bulbs, like low operating temperatures, quick starting time, good color rendering, white color temperature and a lack of mercury. We make facility safety a no-brainer.

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