Horticulture Lighting

Improving Greenhouse yields
& indoor cultivation


Grow anywhere on Earth in any season. Our horticulture lights offer the consistency Mother Nature can’t.


These grow lights can be your only light source for indoor gardening, or supplement a greenhouse to make daylight last longer. Use the sun when you can, and when you can’t, our lights will back you up.


Increase yield and gain control of crop quality with uniform distribution and high light output. By controlling your lighting, you’ll gain production consistency and more control over your harvest.


Get more out of your time – and money. Our goal is to make your operation run as smoothly as possible. Our easy-to-install, energy efficient, state-of-the-art light spectrums in heavy-duty housings help you get there.

Accelerate Crop Growth


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Keep it simple with our easy-to-understand grow spectrums

See the Difference

Growing with White Light


Our Sunlight™ spectrum targets chlorophyll A & B while also feeding other photosynthetic pigments found within plants that can improve taste and quality.


With its 5000K white light output, energy efficiency and evenly dispersed, full-spectrum this technology is a game changer for the horticulture business.



Prevent Mold & Fungi with our

Disinfecting Light collection

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